Flight Simulators

Robot Solutions is proud to present a Hardware In Loop Simulator (HILS) for the Autoquad flight controller. The HILS can be used either as a flight simulator or as a debugging & testing tool to verify new algorithms.

Using the HILS as a flight simulator for training and validation will require a valid license key. Usage of the HILS as a debugging & code development tool will also require access to the HILS library.

Below you will see a virtual flight and mission using the Hardware in Loop Simulator

The video below shows how you can pause and examine all variables when attached to a debugger in a ‘virtual flight’

HILS has the following unique features

  1. 6DOF model with kinematics and dynamics of multirotors
  2. User can choose to fly a variety of multirotors (Quad, Hex etc)
  3. Complete craft simulation done on board (So no Matlab or Labview needed)
  4. Actuator models mimic realistic motor behavior
  5. Operates as a scheduled task of the CooCox Real Time Operating System
  6. Output can be visualized in all compatible GCS

The HILS compiled executable has the following uses

  1. Can act as a training simulator for new students/pilots
  2. New users can get comfortable with autonomous modes & mission planning
  3. Output can also be visualized on Flight gear in Professional version

The HILS library file, gives you the following additional featurees

  1. Operates in 2 modes, with the UKF(estimator) in the loop or bypassed.
  2. Find code or logical errors to minimize chance of crash
  3. Perfect for checking if code changes satisfy real time requirements
  4. Pause, debug and inspect variables in simulated flight when used with a debugger
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