About Us

Robot Solutions is an embedded system company that provides a range of automation solutions.
Our products & solutions are used in a variety of areas such as flight simulation & vision based navigation. Our unique Hardware In Loop Simulator (HILS) let’s you fly your craft virtually and simultaneously view all variables. It can be used either as a flight simulator or as a development tool.

When flying indoors and in other GPS denied environments, it is necessary to use high speed cameras as an indoor positioning system. We can integrate the output of these cameras into the flight controller and replace the GPS sigals used for positioning.

A Drone is only as useful as it’s sensor payload. Integration of external sensors into Unmanned Drones is our specialty. We develop custom applications for combining sensor output and sending them to the Ground Control Station(GCS)

Please see our products & services page for more detailed information.
Custom development is also done. Please contact us with details of your requirements.