University packages

Robot solutions provides all the tools you need to transition from theory to flight.

We offer the following Multirotor models for Universities.

Ladybird is a palm sized Quadrotor that is ideal for a swarm control lab

EduLite is a low cost light weight Quadrotor, with a flight time of about 10 mins.

Eduquad is a Quadrotor perfect for University research. It’s rugged construction is designed to take a few knocks.

Edward is the perfect craft for long outdoor flights (more than 20 mins). It can carry a Go-Pro camera and can also be fitted with a Gimbal if needed.

A variety of communication interfaces makes our platform ideal for drone coordination and swarm control research. Customized drones can also be made.
See here for examples.

Our fully autonomous multi-rotors come with a Robust adaptive controller(Quatos) that is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike.
All the code around the attitude controller is open source and can be modified for your research.

You can see how Quatos controls an Oct Rotor with 3 non working motors.

Excellent disturbance rejection properties of Quatos let it fly to variations in mass distribution without retuning

Our Hardware in Loop Simulator (HILS) can be used both as a flight simulator and as a development tool for testing and debugging new control laws without risk of a crash. Development time that could take years is reduced to a few months with our great hardware and software tools.
You can see it in action here

You can read more about our HILS here

We can also help integrate your motion capture system with our drones. See here

Whether you are investigating attitude, trajectory or swarm control our products and tools provide you with a complete ecosystem needed for all multirotor research.